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Share the Love with Your Best Feathered, Furred, or Finned Friend
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Birds, Pets, Pet Supplies, Fish Aquariums, Dog & Cat Food in Buffalo Wy.

Show Your Pet How Much You Care with Our Awesome Accessories

Discover a large assortment of pets, dog, cat, bird supplies and food as well as aquarium fish at Pets n Stuff in  Buffalo, Wyoming. We cater to pet friendly people of all ages. Let our 20 years of experience provide you great pets and supplies at affordable prices.

Something for Everyone
Turn to us for your entire pet needs. We are locally owned and operated with a knowledgeable, caring staff dedicated to the well being of your beloved pet. You'll find extra friendly service and a spotless clean store. We carry a large selection of pet supplies but can't stock everything. If you want something we don't carry, we will order it or help you find it.
Our Pet Supplies Include:

   •  Name Brand Dog 
•  Cat Foods
   •  Toys
   •  Beds

   •  Cages
   •  Collars & Leashes
   •  Tasty Foods & Treats



Our Freshwater Fish Include:

   •  Angel Fish
   •  Discus Fish
   •  Cichlids
   •  Oscars
   •  Tetras
   •  Clown Loaches

   •  Mollies
   •  Guppies
   •  Puffer Fish
   •  Goldfish
   •  Barbs
   •  And more

Our Saltwater Fish Include:

   •  Angel Fish
   •  Tangs
   •  Gobies
   •  Clown Fish
   •  Damsels


   •  Coral
   •  Lion Fish
   •  Butterflies
   •  Anemone

Aquariums & Accessories
Choose from 21/2-gallon aquariums up to 125-gallon and larger tanks. If you want a fish on your office desk or are looking for something for a person who does not have much fish care experience, we offer attractive fish bowls. For aquariums, we feature filters, heaters, water treatment, water testing, gravel, live rock, decorations, plants, and lig


Coral adds beautiful color to your aquarium. It also gives your fish habitat and security. We offer a unique selection of coral for you to choose from.hting. We're also available for aquarium setup and maintenance.

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